Monday, April 20, 2015

Speech Thoughts

So for my speech I'm going to talk about how creative writing is important. It is important because it allows the imagination to run a muck. Everything we love, movies, TV shows, music, books, etc. are products of creative writing. And frankly, it's just more fun to write creatively than to write essays and things of that sort. Another thing I will talk about is, that success takes perseverance and patience. I learned that writing the screenplay. I'm pretty sure every writer has run into writer's block before, sometimes really bad writer's block. Fortunately I didn't have too bad writer's block. But sometimes you have to be patient and wait on an idea to come to you. And it's important to persevere because quitters never win. So these are some of the things I'll be talking about. I don't want to say my speech in this blog post so I'm going to end it at this period.