Sunday, March 22, 2015

Gotta Start Thinking About My Speech

So next, the police roll up to the criminal hideout with Richard with then. Most of the criminals are there, but the boss and two of his lackeys are already on their way to the hospital. The police and criminals get into a shootout while Richard stays back and observes. Bullets are flying, people are dying, and Richard is crying. Soon the bullets stop and there is only a few criminals left with no ammo. Meanwhile, at the hospital Brian is with Sarah, and the thugs are coming for them. The police are on there way to the hospital with Richard. I don't know what happens after that. But changing gears, I have to write a speech about what I learned from writing this whole screenplay. And I'm trying to figure out what to write about. Maybe I'll speak about the importance of creative writing or something. Yeah I'll probably do that.

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