Sunday, March 8, 2015

Don't Know What to Title This Post

So the guys tell the police about everything, and they kind of wave them off saying that they'll check out the place eventually. The guys don't feel necessarily confident in how seriously the police are going on about things. So Brian convinces Richard to do some recon at the place. You know, take photos of anything suspicious he sees and bring the pictures to the police. Meanwhile, Brian decides he has to go back to work before he loses his job, and while there Sarah finally decides to tell him that she thinks she knows who's behind everything. Richard does his recon, and he sees the crime boss who Sarah would have been persecuting if she wasn't in the hospital. Richard also overhears the crime boss discuss with his lackeys, how they're going to go back to the hospital and kill Sarah but make it seem like an accident. Like she just died an a hospital. Richard immediately rush to the police with all this information. This time the police believe him and rush to where the crime boss is. This is setting up for a violent confrontation between street criminals and the police.

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