Sunday, February 22, 2015

Still Writing

So next Richard and Brian follow their new lead which is the facial description Jim gave them. Brian isn't exactly optimistic because you can only get so far trying to find someone just off of face. But Richard gives him reasons to be happy, he says we already know what city he's in and that he's seen to many episodes of catfish to not know how to find someone based on just their face. Flash forward two hours later, we see that Richard failed miserably, and that the mystery man has no social media accounts. But, Richard tells Brian that he found a "bug" in the hospital room when they saw Sarah. Brian backhands Richard and snatches the bug. He asked Richard if he turned it off, Richard replied with "It could be off". Fortunately it was off. They end up tracing the bug back to a pinpoint location to the south of the city. They both decide to tell the police about their discoveries.

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