Sunday, February 8, 2015

Next scene

The day after Brian and Richard leave the hospital, they meet at Brian's place to make a game plan on what to do next. After many hours of google searching "how to catch a mugger" and a Lethal Weapon marathon they realize they've gotten no where, and decide to question Sarah the next day if she's up to it. Meanwhile, a man visits Sarah in the hospital with flowers in his hand. He threatens Sarah to not take the case or else, he also tells her not to tell anybody unless she wants to die. He discreetly places a "bug" under the hospital bed and walks out of the room. Brian's doctor friend Jim sees the man leave and sees the nervous look on Sarah's face. The next day Brian and Richard go to the hospital to see how Sarah's doing and to ask her some questions. They ask if she knows how the guy look, she says no because he had on a mask. They ask her if she knows anything at all or if she has any idea of who could've did it, and she says no. The boys leave disappointed and before they leave the hospital, Jim comes and tells them about the man and the nervous look on Sarah's face after the man left. The boys wondered why Sarah wouldn't tell them that and know he must have something to do with it. Jim describes the guy and Jim also reminds Brian that he's going to have to get back to his job eventually if he doesn't want to lose it. They both thank Jim and head back to their headquarters, a.k.a. Brian's place.

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