Sunday, May 10, 2015


In the end I feel pretty good with my project. Although I never ended my movie. But the good thing about 20 time is that it doesn't really end until you decide that it ends. I got a lot done with the screenplay, I at least got enough of it done for a plot to develop. Everything went pretty well during the project. The only thing limiting me was my tendency to become lazy or put things off. Sometimes I would get stuck and not have anything to write about. But that's natural and happens to every writer eventually. If i could do things differently, I would've pushed myself harder to finish my screenplay. I would've finished it early, and then I would've attempted to actually make a movie out of it. It probably would've turned out a disaster, and I would've failed miserably, but I just think it would've been fun and interesting to make a movie. I would've been main character, writer, executive producer, producer, director, sound, casting, etc. But I'll just have to do that next time. During my project I learned that I to write, when I'm making stuff up on paper. I would definitely prefer creative writing over any other style of writing. I also realized how important creative writing is. It's literally everywhere, and it's basically the backbone of our culture. It's in our movies, TV shows, music, books, and basically all of the internet. I also learned that perseverance is key to success, and you shouldn't take shortcuts. Everybody whose succeeded in life has ran into road blocks and had to persevere through it. Some people have succeeded taking shortcuts, but to me those people should have an asterisk to their success because they didn't work hard for it. Anywho, that's my reflection on 20 time.

Monday, April 20, 2015

Speech Thoughts

So for my speech I'm going to talk about how creative writing is important. It is important because it allows the imagination to run a muck. Everything we love, movies, TV shows, music, books, etc. are products of creative writing. And frankly, it's just more fun to write creatively than to write essays and things of that sort. Another thing I will talk about is, that success takes perseverance and patience. I learned that writing the screenplay. I'm pretty sure every writer has run into writer's block before, sometimes really bad writer's block. Fortunately I didn't have too bad writer's block. But sometimes you have to be patient and wait on an idea to come to you. And it's important to persevere because quitters never win. So these are some of the things I'll be talking about. I don't want to say my speech in this blog post so I'm going to end it at this period.

Sunday, March 22, 2015

Gotta Start Thinking About My Speech

So next, the police roll up to the criminal hideout with Richard with then. Most of the criminals are there, but the boss and two of his lackeys are already on their way to the hospital. The police and criminals get into a shootout while Richard stays back and observes. Bullets are flying, people are dying, and Richard is crying. Soon the bullets stop and there is only a few criminals left with no ammo. Meanwhile, at the hospital Brian is with Sarah, and the thugs are coming for them. The police are on there way to the hospital with Richard. I don't know what happens after that. But changing gears, I have to write a speech about what I learned from writing this whole screenplay. And I'm trying to figure out what to write about. Maybe I'll speak about the importance of creative writing or something. Yeah I'll probably do that.

Sunday, March 8, 2015

Don't Know What to Title This Post

So the guys tell the police about everything, and they kind of wave them off saying that they'll check out the place eventually. The guys don't feel necessarily confident in how seriously the police are going on about things. So Brian convinces Richard to do some recon at the place. You know, take photos of anything suspicious he sees and bring the pictures to the police. Meanwhile, Brian decides he has to go back to work before he loses his job, and while there Sarah finally decides to tell him that she thinks she knows who's behind everything. Richard does his recon, and he sees the crime boss who Sarah would have been persecuting if she wasn't in the hospital. Richard also overhears the crime boss discuss with his lackeys, how they're going to go back to the hospital and kill Sarah but make it seem like an accident. Like she just died an a hospital. Richard immediately rush to the police with all this information. This time the police believe him and rush to where the crime boss is. This is setting up for a violent confrontation between street criminals and the police.

Sunday, February 22, 2015

Still Writing

So next Richard and Brian follow their new lead which is the facial description Jim gave them. Brian isn't exactly optimistic because you can only get so far trying to find someone just off of face. But Richard gives him reasons to be happy, he says we already know what city he's in and that he's seen to many episodes of catfish to not know how to find someone based on just their face. Flash forward two hours later, we see that Richard failed miserably, and that the mystery man has no social media accounts. But, Richard tells Brian that he found a "bug" in the hospital room when they saw Sarah. Brian backhands Richard and snatches the bug. He asked Richard if he turned it off, Richard replied with "It could be off". Fortunately it was off. They end up tracing the bug back to a pinpoint location to the south of the city. They both decide to tell the police about their discoveries.

Sunday, February 8, 2015

Next scene

The day after Brian and Richard leave the hospital, they meet at Brian's place to make a game plan on what to do next. After many hours of google searching "how to catch a mugger" and a Lethal Weapon marathon they realize they've gotten no where, and decide to question Sarah the next day if she's up to it. Meanwhile, a man visits Sarah in the hospital with flowers in his hand. He threatens Sarah to not take the case or else, he also tells her not to tell anybody unless she wants to die. He discreetly places a "bug" under the hospital bed and walks out of the room. Brian's doctor friend Jim sees the man leave and sees the nervous look on Sarah's face. The next day Brian and Richard go to the hospital to see how Sarah's doing and to ask her some questions. They ask if she knows how the guy look, she says no because he had on a mask. They ask her if she knows anything at all or if she has any idea of who could've did it, and she says no. The boys leave disappointed and before they leave the hospital, Jim comes and tells them about the man and the nervous look on Sarah's face after the man left. The boys wondered why Sarah wouldn't tell them that and know he must have something to do with it. Jim describes the guy and Jim also reminds Brian that he's going to have to get back to his job eventually if he doesn't want to lose it. They both thank Jim and head back to their headquarters, a.k.a. Brian's place.

Sunday, January 25, 2015


The last time I touched my script/screenplay happens to be two weeks ago when I last posted a blog. The reason is because, in between doing end of the semester essays and tests, and midterms or semester finals whatever you want to call it, I've been busy. The end of the semester is always such a hectic time, I really haven't even thought about my screenplay in the last two weeks. But not to worry, because I should have plenty of time to really progress the screenplay in the next month, I'll probably finish it as a matter of fact. Any who, as a recap I had to momentarily push my screenplay aside to focus on finishing the semester strong, but now I can refocus on progressing my screenplay.

Sunday, January 11, 2015

I Finally Started Writing

So I finally started writing my script this past month. The first draft of my movie is entitled "The Good Brother" eventually I think I'm going to change the name but it'll do for now. It starts off with a montage of a brother and a sister growing up from young adolescence to young adulthood. Then we go to the present day where it is the girl's, named Sarah James, 27th birthday. A group of friends including her brother, Brian James who is 29, and Richard Dalton who is Sarah's future boyfriend, are at an Applebees celebrating. They are also celebrating Sarah finishing Law School and her first case coming up soon. She is going against a very dangerous criminal and is trying to send him to prison. Flash forward to the next week, Sarah and Brian are on the phone and it's 8:30p.m. Sarah is walking home from a law firm in Chicago, she tells Brian that she started dating Richard. Brian starts to voice his displeasure for Brian and also voices his concerns because of her court case. Sarah is a little fiery when it came to Richard, but appreciated the concern about the court case. Right after their conversation Sarah is mugged and injured too. Brian gets a call from the hospital, which he is a resident at, that his sister is there and has three broken ribs. Brian immediately rushes to the hospital and up to Sarah's room. When he first got there she was talking to the police and describing appearances. Then he goes into the room and gets teary eyed when seeing his sister on that hospital bed. Right before he can say a word, Richard comes up too. To make a long conversation short, Brian vows to do whatever he can to find out who was behind this. And Richard tells Brian that he's going to help. Brian is very reluctant to have Richard tag a long on his crusade. But eventually Richard convinces him. Before they leave the hospital, Brian talks to his doctor friend Jim and tells him to take good care of his sister. Then Brian and Richard leave the hospital, both with concern in their eyes. That's all I have so far, well that's a summary of what I have. This is an action comedy so there are a couple jokes thrown in there too, just couldn't integrate any of the funny stuff in my summary though.